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Sky, Sky+ & Sky HD Remote control codes for Swisstec, UMC, Logik, Technika, Orion, Visual Innovations LCD & Plasma TV's

B Sky B's (Sky) remote control has the facility to operate the basic functions of many TV's in addition to the functions of the Sky Box.

In order for the Sky remote control to operate the basic functions of a TV, first you must programme the relevant code into it. It will then operate the Power On/Off, Volume up/down and Channel up/down. (on some models of TVís, it may operate some other functions too)

Many of our TV's were launched after B Sky B (Sky) launched their latest remote control called Rev 8, therefore, the Sky remote control that Sky customers have does not include the code required in order to operate our TV's. (You can find out which revision of Sky remote control you have by removing the battery cover/batteries, you should see a sticker advising Rev. then the number)

Sky are due to launch the new version, called revision 9 (rev.9) at the end of 2009 or 2010. They inform us that they will include the codes for our TVís in the new version.

When they do finally launch it, in order to operate our TVís with the Sky remote, you will have the purchase the new Rev.9 model. Typically, this may cost around £25-£30.

If you do not want to wait until middle of 2010, we have the perfect solution for you. See our One for All Sky and Sky+/Sky HD remote controls below.

One for All Sky Remote Control One for All Sky/Sky+/Sky HD Remote Control
There is a charge of £5.00 postage, packing and handling fee which covers our costs of recorded delivery, jiffy envelope, taking to the post office etc. Both models operate using 2 x AA batteries. (Not included)

The Sky Original Remote control is shown for comparison purposes only. The item for sale is the One for All model show on the left below.

Using a 'One For All' & other brands of Universal/All in One Remote Controls
If you require a code to operate our TV with a One 4 All (or other brand of universal remote control) Universal remote control, please click here. (These codes will also work with many other brands of universal remote/all in one remote controls.)

Virgin Media/Cable Remote Control
For information relating to Virgin Media remote codes, please click here.

We accept the following methods of payment: We accept the following methods of payment

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