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Digital Switch Over – Latest Information

In the instruction manual and quick start set up guide that came supplied with the TV, there is a step by step instruction sheet how to tune/re-tune your model. If you do not have any of these to hand, read on.

Please note that in most areas, the signal strength should improve and you may receive a slightly better quality of picture and sound, however, in some areas, the signal quality may reduce and you may find that some of the channels cannot be found after the retune.

You can rest assured that if the tv finds some of the channels, but not all, the tv/equipment is not faulty.

If you have recently carried out a re-tune some channels are missing, the only way to solve this is to either:

1) If only a few channels are missing, you should first try and connect a signal booster/amplifier between the TV and TV aerial wall socket. The signal booster must be ‘digital tick’ approved. Usually, they will have this logo.


2) If after you have added a signal booster/amplifier you are still missing some/all of the channels, you must upgrade your TV aerial to a digital compatible outdoor hi-gain type. Indoor portable aerials are not adequate in most cases to receive a good enough signal for Digital/Freeview.

How to retune your television

Depending on the model of TV you have, please refer to the relevant section below. To identify your model press the ‘menu’ or ‘LCD Menu’ button.

If you have any of these screens refer to

Option 1

If you have this screen refer to

Option 2

Option 1

Option 2

For help and support regarding the digital switchover, please contact Digital UK:

Telephone: 08456 50 50 50

(calls charged at local call rate, approx 3p per minute daytime or 1p per minute evenings from a BT landline) Digital UK website:

If you require technical or warranty support on this television, please contact the manufacturer helpline.

Telephone: 0871 2000 463

do not contact Digital UK unless your query is regarding the digital switchover.

We accept the following methods of payment: We accept the following methods of payment

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