Sky, Sky+, Sky HD and Universal Remote Control Codes for Blaupunkt Branded televisions

If you wish to use your Sky or Universal Remote Control to operate the basic functions of your Television and know how to program your Remote Control, the codes are below.

If you need guidance to program your Remote Control, please read the following information carefully.

Programming Remote Controls

You will need to programme a 4 digit code into your Sky, Sky+, Sky HD or Universale Remote Control.

Please note that the codes for the Sky Remote Control will only be accepted if the Sky Remote Control is a Revision 9F (launched in August 2010 for new Sky HD installations) or later.

Please also note Sky no longer support the old style 'blue' Sky remotes and therefore we do not have the codes for those types of remote control.
If you have a 'One For All' branded Sky Remote Control, please use the codes we have listed under 'Universal Remote Controls'.
Depending on when the 'One For All' remote was manufactured, not all 'One for All' Sky Remotes will accept these codes.

To find out which version of Sky Remote you have, remove the battery cover and you should see a sticker showing the 'Rev' number. You can find detailed instructions by clicking here.

If your Sky remote is Rev 8 or earlier, you will need to purchase a new Sky Remote control in order to operate the TV's functions.

How to programme your Sky Remote control.

  1. Press TV.
  2. Press and hold the 'Red' button and 'Select' at the same time (the Red indicator light at the top of the Sky remote will flash twice).
  3. Enter the 4 digit code for your make/model of TV.
  4. The red indicator light should flash twice to confirm the code is accepted. If it does not, you do not have a Revision 9F remote control.
  5. Press 'select' again to store the code.
  6. The Sky remote will now operate the TV (On some functions, you may need to press 'TV' to put the remote into 'TV mode').

Remote Control Codes

Remote Type Sky Remote Code Revision # Sky Q Code Universal Remote Code
Single Sided No code available for Sky+/Sky HD 5459* 5431*

* Please note these codes were only created in November 2020.
Depending on the model/version of Sky Q or other universal remote, there may be combatablity issues.
In these cases, please refer below for the best step available.