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Software update procedure for Sharp Smart TV sets

Software update messages

If the TV is connected to the internet, from time to time you may be prompted to carry out a software update.
A pop up message will appear on the screen, this will inform you of a new software update that is available to download
and install.

step 1

If a software update message appears and you would like to install the update, you will require a FAT 32 formatted USB memory stick, larger than 256Mb, connected to any USB port on the side of the TV. Using the remote control, highlight and select “Yes”, this will allow the update to be performed.

If you do not wish to download and install the update, you can select “Do it later” later or press the “Exit” button on the remote control. This will remove the message from the screen allowing you to operate the TV as normal.

If you have chosen to select "Do it later" or pressed the "Exit" button the remote control, you can carry out the software update by accessing TV menu and entering the Application menu. When in the Application menu, text will be displayed informing you that a software update is available, you can now start the update by pressing the RED button on the remote control.

step 2

Software update procedures

To update your TV with the new software, which has been broadcasted to your TV via your internet connection, you will require a FAT32 formatted USB Memory stick connected to any USB slot on the side of the TV. If a USB memory device is not detected, a warning message will appear displaying the text "No USB device detected".

step 3

Once a FAT32 formatted USB device is connected, the software update procedure can be started by using one of the
options below:

A. Access the TV menu, select and enter the Settings menu, scroll through the options and select "Software (NET)".

step 4 a

B. Access the TV MENU, select and enter the Application menu, then press the RED button on the remote control.

step 4 b

When the process of downloading the update begins, a progress box will be shown in the right bottom corner of the TV screen. This will allow you to monitor the download progress without it affecting your viewing experience.

When the download reaches 100%, the message will change to "Verify" within a few seconds this will change to a countdown
of 5 seconds, when the countdown reaches 0 seconds the TV will reboot.

step 6 step 7

Once the TV restarts the software update will begin.

During this process, the TV must not be disconnected from the power socket and the USB key must not be removed.

When the progress bar reaches 100% the TV will restart and the software update process will be completed.

step 7

If you encounter any problems or have any queires regarding the software update, please click here to contact us via our feedback form.

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