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Making the most of your Sharp Smart TV

Your Sharp Smart TV is equipped with the very latest in technology and includes a selection of the UK's most popular 'apps' including:

To access the apps, on the TV's remote control, press Menu>Applications (on some models, there are shortcut buttons for Net+, Media & Smart). We are constantly updating and improving the TV's software to bring you more apps and also updates to the current apps and features. The TV is programmed to check for updates (when connected to the internet) periodically.

Enter a Smart world of almost unlimited apps.

Although there are a selection of the most popular apps pre-installed on the TV as mentioned above, we realise not everyone wants to watch or use the same ones.
This is why/ we include the very clever wireless connection feature, this allows almost unlimited apps to be viewed on the big screen when used in conjunction with your computer, tablet or smartphone. So if you use any of these...

apps with wireless connection on.

wireless connection
Wireless connection allows you to wirelessly 'mirror' the content displayed on your compatible smart phone or tablet directly to the TV's screen. This allows almost unlimited applications including many video on demand and subscription based services (for example Blinkbox, Netflix, Amazon etc.) to be playing on your smartphone or tablet and wirelessly 'streamed' and viewed
on the TV's screen.

Many Android and Windows devices include 'Screen Mirroring' as standard. Apple devices do not currently allow it, however, it is possible to 'mirror' from your Apple smart phone or IPad etc. when used with an Apple TV box (available separately).

Some newer / higher spec smartphones, tablets, laptops & computers may include Intel's technology called WiDi (Wireless Display). Similar to Miracast. WiDi (Wireless Display) allows you to wirelessly 'mirror' content from your WiDi equipped device directly to the TV's screen.

If your smartphone or tablet does not include 'Mirroring', it may be possible to connect a suitable cable from your device directly to one of the HDMI inputs on the rear of the TV (for example, if your device supports video output and has a Micro USB socket, you can purchase a Micro USB to HDMI cable from your retailer).

If you have any queries regarding wireless connection and screen "mirroring", please click here to contact us via our
feedback form.

We accept the following methods of payment: We accept the following methods of payment

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