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Sky, Sky+, Sky HD & Universal Remote Control Codes for Logix branded Televisions.

Please note this brand is either an 'OEM' or a retailer's own brand and therefore we are not the only manufacturer.

If your model is not listed in the table below, unfortunately we do not have a code for it. Please contact the relevant helpline as detailed in the user guide or contact your retailer for assistance.

If you need help identifying which version of Sky Remote you have or how to programme your sky remote, please click here

If you need support with regards to which Universal remote controls are supported, please click here



Sky Remote

Universal Remote

Manufacturer Model No.

Screen Size (Inches)


Revision #






2106 or 1106

Sky Codes
If the Sky code we provide does not work, please check you have the correct version/revision of Sky remote control (or a later version) If you have a Revision 9F and it will not accept the code that is listed in the table above, please click here (Important: Please do not submit the online feedback form if your model of TV is not mentioned in the table above as we do not have either the Sky or the Universal code for it. Please refer to the relevant helpline as detailed in the user manual that was supplied with the TV or contact the retailer from where it was purchased for assistance)

Universal Codes
If the universal remote code listed does not work, please contact the manufacturer of the universal remote control for assistance. Often, the code will not work if the remote control was manufactured before the television. We only have codes for One for All branded remote controls, although from experience, many of them use the same codes.


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