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Connecting an Ipod to TV’s with Ipod function


The TV’s with the built in iPod speaker base and iPod function are designed to work with the majority of iPods launched into the market.

Below is a list of tested and compatible iPods which will work on your TV. Some functions will operate using the TV’s remote control, other functions will operate using the iPod display, depending on the model of iPod. To find out which version of iPod you have, you should check this either on the rear of the iPod or on the Apple web site.

For iPhone, the TV functions work best when the iPhone is in ‘Flight mode’. This is because the Phone signal reception will interfere with the TV and you will get feedback through the speaker base. The iPhone offers the same functions as per the iPod Touch below.

It is recommended to turn off the Wi-Fi function on any models that feature Wi-Fi as you may also get interference/feedback through the speaker base.

If your TV continues to show the ‘iPod connecting’ screen, this is because the Apple iPod firmware is an old version. To update the iPods’ firmware to the latest version as released by Apple, follow steps 1-4 below.

1. Connect your computer to the Internet (if you have broadband, it's probably already connected).
2. Connect your iPod to your computer.
3. Open iTunes
4. If there is an update available then you will be prompted of this.

If you try to update your iPod's firmware and get an error message, it is probable that you need to install the latest Apple updater / iTunes software. To do this, please visit the Apple website at

If you are unable to update the iPods firmware following the above guide, see below.

Updating the iPods software

1. Open iTunes
2. Connect the iPod to the PC via USB Cable
3. Click on the IPod in Devices
4. This page will appear ...
5. Click on “Update” to update the iPods firmware.

If you have installed the latest firmware onto your iPod and still continue to see the ‘iPod connecting’ screen, please contact the helpline.

Important note: As the TV’s speakers are built into the base stand,. It is not possible to remove the base from models of iPod TV.

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