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Firmware upgrade for UMC Televisions

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Models M32/28G-GB-TCDUP-UK

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Model of TV:


Reported Issues:

Constant buzzing sound


New firmware is available to correct this.

The set up menu should look like the image below. To access the menu, on the remote control press Menu and scroll to set-up menu. If your set up menu does not look like the image below, do not install this firmware update.

Note: You will need a USB Memory stick to download this software and update the TV.

Installation instructions.
1) Connect your USB memory stick to your PC and delete any files that are stored on it.
2) Click HERE to download the file to your USB Memory Stick. Do not rename the file & do not put it in a folder on the USB stick.
3) Go to your TV. Disconnect power from the mains socket for 10 seconds (until the standby light has extinguished). Do not power the TV back on until completing step 4.
4) Insert the USB memory stick into the USB port on the rear/side of the TV
5) Re-connect the power at the mains socket and press the standby button on the TV or remote control.
6) The TV will come on and the light on the front will flash blue whilst updating. When it has completed, the light will turn to red.
7) Remove the USB stick and turn the TV on.
8) You will be welcomed with the first time installation screen. If you are not, on the remote control press 'Menu' followed by the number '8' four times. (So Menu, 8-8-8-8)
9) Press OK to retune the TV.