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USB media player information

Many of our newer models of television have a USB 2.0 Port. In conjunction with the television software these allow you to playback your movies, music and photos from a USB Memory Key or USB hard drive.

Below details the specification of files that can be played:

codecs table

Possible playback issues:
Experiencing video but no sound - caused by the video part of the main file being compatible, but the audio part not being compatible.

Experiencing the picture and sound breaking up – caused by the memory key read speed being too low. The minimum speed required is 20 MB/s (Mega Byte Per Second)

Can’t see my USB hard drive – Some USB hard drives require 2 USB ports in order to obtain enough power to work. If your hard drive requires this you will need to connect an external power supply.

Can’t see all my files on my USB hard drive or USB Memory key – The software has the following maximum parameters:

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